ideal protein weight loss for metabolic syndrome


The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is a four-phase, medically supervised, carbohydrate restricted, protein based protocol in which participants lose 3-7 lbs. of fat per week while maintaining lean muscle mass.  It has been scientifically proven through 7 million dieters over twenty years to reverse Metabolic Syndrome, aka “Syndrome X”, which consists of any two of these four diseases: Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Obesity.

Ideal Protein’s foundation involves 70+ gourmet foods along with daily whole foods, primarily vegetables and lean proteins (Grocery List).  Phases 1 and 2 teach dieters how to predictably lose weight (specifically fat), while Phases 3 and 4 teach dieters how to keep it off with a diet built on whole foods.

Ideal Protein is the healthiest, fastest, most enduring program available for those wanting to regain and maintain radiant health and sustained energy. Checkout Matt's success story in the video below.

customer testimonials

Leslie B. 
"I never believed I could do it. The best thing Sam ever said to me is, "You can do anything for one week." That's all it took. I got through the first week and kept going. 14 lbs. was a breeze. I feel so much lighter and have so much more energy. I'm thankful for all Sam's support. She made it easy. I'm so happy to be carb and sugar free." 

Jeffrey N. 
"I've been doing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program with Dr. Sam in spurts for a few years. So, I'd take off some weight, keep it off, come back and take some more off, keep it off, etc. Overall, I've taken off about 60 lbs. in a way that makes sense to me and is sustainable over time. 

I really like the program because I maintain lean muscle mass and only lose fat; it's easy and it tastes great. This protocol has taught me how to lose the weight and keep it off for good." 

Dr. Lourdes 
"As an ER MD, I wanted to lose some weight but was concerned about my schedule and how another diet program would work. I've tried many different programs, and none of them worked. Then I saw a good friend of mine, Dr. R., after he lost 30 lbs. in only 2 months. I listened to the introductory seminar which was a complete dissertation on the science of digestion, but I was worried about being hungry and finding the time to work out. Dr. Sam explained that during Phase I working out was discouraged and that hunger wasn't an issue due to the protein content of the foods."

Stephanie F. 
"I'm a full-time Pilates and dance instructor, so when I started Ideal Protein with Dr. Sam, I was strong and toned; I just wanted to have the most perfect body possible for my body type. After all, bodies are my business and I wanted to "walk the talk". Since starting this program, I've lost 22 inches in all the right places. I feel great; I'm told I look great, and I feel like I have a new body. I recommend this program to any of my students because it teaches you how eat to be both healthy and slender for life." 

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