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dr. sam rhame

Dr. Rhame is an integrative and holistic clinician who believes that:

  1. radiance is our birthright, and
  2. we can get better as we get older.

Her research and experience has taught her that, in the realm of the neuro-mucsculo-skeletal, chiropractic works. In the realm of body chemistry, food and nutrition work. In the realm of the electro-magnetic, laser/ light therapy works. In the realm of stress reduction, movement and meditation/ "resting in presence" works. 

As a chiropractor, she uses various techniques including SOT, Diversified, Activator, NSA, Webster's In Utero Constraint, Neurostructural Integration, myofascial release, drop table and traction. She integrates laser/light therapy, when appropriate, to speed and deepen healing at the cellular & subtle body levels. 

In an effort to educate about the critical role food & nutrition play in body chemistry, Dr. Sam facilitates a 4-phase, medically supervised weight loss program that predictably reverses Metabolic Syndrome (Metabolic Syndrome diseases include diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, PCOS). This protocol, Ideal Protein has helped 7 million+ people in Europe, Canada & the U.S. GET HEALTHY. 

She has co-hosted 2 natural health care radio shows and is a frequent public and corporate speaker on a myriad of natural health related topics.